Crowdfunding Bitcoin

By Forexminute – Deepak Tiwari | Bitcoin | Jun 30, 2015 8:14PM BST Tibdit, a Bitcoin Micropayments Startup, Raises £122,080 in seed capital In an announcement, the Bitcoin micropayments startup Tibdit says that it has raised £122,080 in seed capital through a crowdfunding campaign. Founded not long ago but in September 2013, the London firm lets users send Bitcoin tips or ‘tibs’ […]

A charter for Crowdfunding Rights

European Crowdfunding Network Charter of crowdfunders’ rights The European Crowdfunding Network aims to improve crowdfunding opportunities for both individuals and companies, enabling European businesses and development projects to prosper and grow. Taking into account discussions in progress at the European Commission and other relevant pan-European institutions, ECN members have asserted a collective view that high […]

Classy raises $18M

By Jennifer Van Grove | The San Diego Unition-Tribune | 5:30 a.m. June 30, 2015 Classy raises $18M for charity crowdfunding Classy, a San Diego company that provides online fundraising tools for non-profits, is itself the beneficiary of a substantial amount of cash. The crowdfunding-for-causes startup said Tuesday that it has pulled in $18 million through a funding round […]


Siobhan Fenton | The Independent | Thursday, June 18th, 2015 Woman criticized by Christian neighbours for having a ‘relentlessly gay’ garden is crowdfunding to make her house even gayer A bisexual woman whose neighbours have complained about her having a “relentlessly gay” garden has responded by crowd funding to make it “even gayer”. Julie Baker, […]

Crowded Crowdfunding

By Nick Leiber | November 29, 2012 | BloombergBusiness Crowdfunding is about to get more crowded When Medigram, a Silicon Valley startup that makes a messaging app for medical professionals, wanted to raise money earlier this year, it enlisted the help of Microventures. The online marketplace, also based in the Valley, quickly lined up “hundreds of thousands” of […]

Crowdfunding Tips

Crowdfunding has caught on, making it possible for countless entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality without having to go through an arduous process of raising capital. The trend has caught the interest of large corporations too, however, and the prospect of multibillion-dollar concerns possibly kicking the proverbial little guy off Kickstarter has some people […]

Most crowdfunding campaigns fail

First published: Sep 26, 2013 4:56 AM | By Robert Strohmeyer | @caretpi | PCWorld Most crowdfunding campaigns fail In April 2013, Dustin Driver looked like a poster boy for Kickstarter success. His tech-savvy backpack venture, Packswell, exceeded its funding goal by 33 percent. He had done his homework in advance, lined up materials and local manufacturing, and produced a great prototype. With […]

5 Tips

POSTED BY GUEST POST ON MARCH 3, 2015 IN CROWDFUNDING TIPS | 204 VIEWS | LEAVE A RESPONSE This article is a guest submission by Dana Ostomel, founder and Chief Giving Officer of Deposit a Gift. 5 Crowdfunding Tips Engaged, invested, involved. When you run a crowdfunding campaign, your goal is to turn your supporters into advocates, so they not only give, but help […]