DIY Crowdfunding

BidOkee’s do-it-yourself crowdfunding revolution offers advantages no other site can offer, including:

Your Site

With BidOkee, you own your site. It’s your URL. Your content. Your branding. Your property. You make the rules.

Your Backers

The most valuable asset in crowdfunding is the community you build to support your project. BidOkee lets you maintain your networks. Mobilize them for stretch goals or future projects.

Shared Revenue

BidOkee lets you raise funds through multiple avenues beyond direct pledges. Our auction hub lets your network bid, buy and monetize through advertising and click-throughs. And every time a member of your network generates revenue through BidOkee, your campaign gets 50%!

Shared Exposure

BidOkee lets you showcase your product or idea through product placement in our central auction hub. You get exposure – and QUILs … qualified unique internet leads that almost guarantee sales.


When your campaign succeeds on BidOkee, you can help others succeed. Your network is an asset you can mobilize to support other campaigns you love.


BidOkee gives you the option of promoting allied campaigns through mutual backing. Plus, you’ll be able to maximize economies of scale by bulk purchasing swag and other necessities for successful crowdfunding.

Cooperative Model

BidOkee eliminates competition between campaigns and lets you work with others in ways that advance everyone’s interests.

Loyalty Rewards

No other crowdfunding platform has a rewards system like BidOkee’s. This may be the most powerful tool yet invented to build awareness, virality, support and allegiance among backers.


Qualified unique internet leads are an unprecedented way to drive support and sales. When you offer your product on BidOkee’s auction hub, hundreds or thousands of people try to win it. When the auction ends, you can reach out to the unsuccessful bidders with an incentivized offer – almost guaranteeing sales.

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