Crowdfunding: Their your backers. BidOkee lets you keep them.

Campaign Backers

There is no greater asset to a crowdfunding campaign than the network of people supporters you build.

Yet this invaluable asset is something crowdfunding mega-sites like to keep to themselves or share with you only if your campaign succeeds.

Through our own research, we estimate that the average campaign garners 302 subscribers.

As you build your crowdfunding campaign, you are building a community, a network of backers and friends. Yet, when your campaign ends, you may lose them if your campaign is unsuccessful. And we know a majority of campaigns fail to meet their goals. Therefore, despite the fact you did the work and expended the resources to attract users to your campaign, the crowdfunding mega-site retains the information for their own benefit – not yours. It’s a great deal for the crowdfunding platform, which gets to monetize the users you attracted to their site. These are backers who have shown some interest in your product and your campaign. You should be able to communicate with them.

BidOkee has a better way.

When you build your crowdfunding site on BidOkee, your network will remain your network. Your friends will remain your friends. Your community is your community.

When your campaign ends, you can launch another one. You can initiate stretch goals. Or you can send your network over to support another great campaign that you love. It’s your choice.

The only way crowdfunding works is through building networks of people. Shouldn’t you be able to keep those networks yourself? BidOkee thinks so.

If you agree — and why wouldn’t you — help build BidOkee by supporting our crowdfunding for crowdfunding campaign. 

We’re all in this together.