BidOkee’s Vision of Migration to DIY Crowdfunding Campaigns


Birds fly south for the winter. So do people in some cases. But crowdfunding, as we now know it, tends not to encourage migration.

Here’s what we mean: Successful crowdfunding campaigns build networks, usually by engaging the family and friends of initiators, followed by concentric circles outward as word spreads.

When the campaign succeeds, the community that has been built around it tends to disappear.

BidOkee is building a (do-it-yourself) DIY crowdfunding platform that will allow anyone to create their own crowdfunding site, with features and components that exceed anything existing crowdfunding sites offer, including e-commerce and gamified capabilities and other revenue-generation steams.

Central to our vision is independence and freedom. We are liberating crowdfunding – and that means the campaigns have control over the communities they create. Think of it as a cooperative model.

When a campaign completes successfully (or even if it doesn’t) those networks can be encouraged to migrate to another campaign initiated by the same owners, or to stretch goals for the original campaign or … well, anywhere the initiators want their networks to migrate.

In crowdfunding, there is nothing more important than the crowd. When BidOkee launches, crowdfunders will finally be in control of the communities they have built.

That’s freedom. And it is a new way of doing crowdfunding.

BidOkee’s gamified DIY crowdfunding platform is launching a revolution.

We have a prototype. Check it out at! Help make it happen – we need your support.